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We are the world’s leading Sport Scholarship Agency. Our Esports Division uses the network of more than 1,000 college coaches and partners in more than 20 countries and within the NACE.

College Scholarships

Combine gaming and education at a fraction of the cost by receiving a scholarship.

Pro Careers

Get scouted by pro teams and agents.


Land a deal or partner up with sponsors.


One of the fastest-growing sports in the world isn’t played on grass or ice—it’s played on a computer. Short for electronic sports, esports are team-based video game competitions watched live by online spectators on Twitch.
Like traditional sports, players wear team jerseys, compete in spacious arenas and communicate with teammates and coaches as the game unfolds.
By 2021, the professional esports industry is expected to generate $1.65 billion in revenue and capture a global fanbase of 557 million people.

And college esports aren’t far behind. In 2014, varsity esports began when Robert Morris University launched a scholarship-sponsored League of Legends team.

Today, 96 colleges and universities are members of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), the only official governing body for varsity esports. And that list continues to grow.

Much like any other well-run organization, eSports organizations have team owners, contracts, and partnerships that fund multiple teams for a variety of games

In 2018, brands poured $694 million into sponsorships to capitalize on the influence of superstars.